✨ What is Intuition?

The taps become the slaps, and your intuitive intelligence is there, guiding you, pay attention!

Intuition is your inner compass and is a skill that can be flexed and strengthened by more use.

Some use this muscle without being fully aware of it as it comes naturally.

Sharing some resources on intuition, how to activate it and how to upkeep intuitive intelligence and why it’s important.

My inner compass knows the way.

Why is kundalini yoga and meditation are important daily practices.

Meditation is a daily practice. Kundalini is a weekly practice.

It allows me to use my physical body, my mental body, my spiritual connection and my emotional bodies - through asana, pranayama, mantra and mudra.

It strengthens all of these, especially my intuitive intelligence.

It helps me to have clarity of my negative mind, positive mind and neutral mind – also the distinctions between logic, emotions and neutrality.

Effective and efficient, Kundalini is a technology for “householders: those living in the world, having to be human, jobs, relationships, work, etc.

What does intuition feel like in the body?

My intuitive intelligence has been honed over time – I feel physical sensations in various parts of myself, my left hand itches when I’m receiving money, my right temple pulses when there is a message for someone in my life.

I get the good chills when it’s a strong yes – confirmation.

The scary chills come when i need to work with a spirit that needs help.

Typically, there are three steps – these happen quite quickly – so discerning which area of you this is coming from is key.

1 – My intuitive intelligence comes as a soft, first message – it’s subtle, so I have to be able to listen to it- that gut response or feeling that comes when someone expresses something.

Sometimes, we think that it is our own thought.

Often times, it doesn’t make sense, but it feels right.

The feeling is what you need to pay attention to.

The resonance it carries – this is about tuning yourself to soft and subtle frequencies.

That is intuition.

2 – What comes next is my logical mind trying to make sense of it. Its job is to keep you safe, and it can talk me out of my intuition if i allow it.

3 – Acceptance – I go back to the first message, reconfirm if its a strong yes or no or whatever the message may be.

I think we all know what an intuitive “no” feels like – it’s harsh, strong and sometimes overwhelming.

What is intuitive yes?

A yes feels soft, subtle and confident. It feels like an affirmation, a confirmation, sometimes even chills when it’s a strong ‘yes.’

It feels light, and even sometimes, I see bright white light with a yes.

It feels comforting, confirming, reassuring, but not from me. Yes from my higher self, my higher wisdom.

To receive an answer – I open myself up to be a clear channel, putting distance between myself and the question to ensure clarity and no emotions.

I believe intuitive intelligence is a mix of external and internal divine guidance – it’s our higher selves and our benevolent helping spirit guides (angels, ancestors, gods, goddesses, etc) supporting us from the highest vantage point.

Because we live in the 3D world, it’s easy to get caught up in the grind: what we see in front of us, putting out fires, feeding yourself and your kids, paying bills, etc.

Intuition is zooming out and focusing on your soul, your purpose and integrating it into the day to day.

What happens when we ignore our intuition

The taps become the slaps.

This is something that comes directly from not trusting your intuitive intelligence.

Sometimes it’s a tap that reminds you of the path to take.

If you’re not paying attention, the universe will slap you – to wake you up – all for your highest good.

Making mistakes, choosing the wrong people, situations, places, etc.

Feeling like “why is this happening to me?” you’re not learning the lessons or ignoring you intuitive intelligence or both!

A moment in life where intuition spoke to me strongly

I was walking with my then partner and we received an email that we had to move out of the house we were living in.

A voice said and I said out loud- “It’s time to move to LA.”

I allowed it to speak through me and I didn’t question it to the point of even speaking it out loud. After I said it, Chris was shocked- he thought that it was me that was ready for it. The truth was that I wasn’t and had to confirm, reconfirm and reconfirm again that this was the right decision.

I Fought it hard. But ultimately, it felt like a yes, and after doing it, it was confirmed a yes.

 How to incorporate intuition in businesses and daily decisions

To receive intuitive guidance, you must be in a different life pace. Meditation helps to attune you to this pace, this frequency.

So often our days are filled with action items, meetings to do lists. This is fine and needs to be a part of our day.

What’s missing is the balance of this – the opportunity to take a break, to slow down, to rest, to heal and to tune into a different type of wisdom.

For example, sometimes our computer is frustrating us- why wont’ it update my software.

Rather than continuing to fight it, stop, use this opportunity to take a break, and step back.

Zoom out, daydream, meditate on the issue or better yet, forget about it for a few minutes and do something else.

It’s the same concept of your best ideas coming when you’re in the shower or riding your bike – we step away, slow down or focus on something else like our physical body, opening up the pathways for intuitive intelligence to shine.

The best way to learn how to toggle between fast action and slowing down is to tune up your brain - meditate.

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