For the Ancestors

Remembering our history, our heritage and moving forward.

Hello Elite Being!

The veil is thin and we have access to our ancestors now.

It’s not easy to be a human right now.

Every day is a new challenge, a new direction and new information to impact our life experiences.

What I know to be true is that it’s an elevated time, should you choose to move forward with the work required.

The ‘work’ is an inside job.

You, too can live through these changes with grace, ease and fun.

Received some great comments from some Elite Beings from last month’s newsletter on Pruning as the Way Forward.


We’re still in the time frame where the veil is thin between our ordinary reality and other realms.

Samhain (pronounced saw- wane) Dia de Los Muertos and Halloween are all celebrations of this special time.

You may have felt it.

Ancestors coming into your dreams delivering messages, healing or loving energy.

A desire to reflect on your connections, relationships and your own existence.

I love this time of year because of this quality.

The spirit world is with us, always, though it’s easy to forget this.

I hosted a ceremony at my house for some friends to bring together these worlds - spirit and mortals.

Each person brought a momento of their loved ones and shared stories to honor them.

I could feel our ancestors smiling down on us as we invited them into our gathering.

Here is a photo of my altar that I keep year-round, Obie standing guard 😁.

My first dog, my dear friend from college, photos of the recently transitioned and those that I have never met in physical form yet are related through blood line.

Lots of flowers, sometimes a plate of food and snacks, and the energy of love, sadness and honor.

Obie and the Altar

In my shamanic training, we connected to the spirit realm over and over for various purposes- healings, messages and guidance.

What I know to be true is that these benevolent spirits desire to connect.

They would like to foster a relationship with us here in the living world.


They’ve lived here, too.

They know how challenging this planet can be.

They are always available to support us, care for us and love us through our own challenges.

When asked, they are available.

This is the moment to make that attempt.

Something To Try

How do you honor the beings that you love that have transitioned?

A poem, a special drink, food, a place that they loved to go.

Conjuring these memories creates a new bond to our loved ones that are in spirit form.

If its an object, place it somewhere special.

Just notice the feelings and the thoughts that come through.

Write it down.


Share it with someone you trust.

Do it again.

I’d love to hear from you.

Are these insights helpful?

Which tools have you used?

What would you like to share with others?

Please comment, share and reply back to me with any and all things that happen for you.

It’s quite a journey, and I’m right there beside you!

Best wishes & many blessings,


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